4 Best Natural Chinese Medicine for Cough and Cold

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a history with many ancient herbal remedies. In recent years, traditional Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular due to its success in treating conditions naturally with minimal side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers many targeted remedies for cough, cold, and flu. Also, its approach is treating the root of the problem than just the symptoms. 

In this blog, I would like to share some of the best Traditional Chinese Medical products for treating cough, cold, and flu naturally.

Chinese medicine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, people get coughs and colds due to the invasion of the lung by external pathogenesis. The major function of our lung is responsible for circulation Qi and fluids throughout the body. Although our lungs' function seems normal, it also could be quite sensitive to external factors. Excess of cold, heat, wind, dryness, etc. have impacted the function of the lungs so that it affects the flow of Qi resulting in cough and cold.

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There are four Tradition Chinese Medicine help cough and cold naturally and effectively. Our store also offers them. 

1. Nin Jiom Herbal Syrup:

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa - Natural. Gentle. Effective. That's the best way to soothe a sore throat. People the world over recognize that some of the most effective cough relievers are natural fruits, flowers, herbs, and honey.

This remarkable syrup acts effectively without the need for alcohol, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, additives, and coloring agents. Nin Jiom - one of the world's most effective cough syrups, and it's completely natural.


2. Balangen Granules:

Traditional Chinese Medicine clear heat and fire toxicity and cool blood to ease the throat. Traditionally used for swollen painful throat, dry mouth and pharynx, and swollen cheeks due to extremely abundant heat in the lung and stomach.

banlangen sweet

banlangen unsweet

3. Yin Chiao Tablets -- Common Cold Tablets:

Traditional Chinese Medicine is used for upper respiratory infection with fever, headache, cough, dryness of the mouth, and sore throat.

ying qiao

4. Kang Bing Du Herbal Tea (Virus Flu Resistant Tea):

This is a Chinese remedy is used to treat common flu along with wit symptoms such as fever, headache, thirst, sweating, sore throat, red tongue, pulse number, etc. Base on the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine cold and flu is caused by the invasion of exogenous wind-heat. Kang Bing Du Herbal Tea is used to dispel wind-cold, relieve the body, and clear away toxins.


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