"Our Origin Story" Updated. Thanks Nelson!

Thank you dear Nelsonites for correcting us about the history of Wings Grocery since our last post. It appears the history of Nelson goes way back. 

Wings Grocery was first established in the late 1960s, by Sandy Wings and family. The original location was the 500 block of Baker Street (where Cottonwood Kitchen is right now) and was only relocated to the 300 blocks in the late 1970s.

The original Wings store was owned by Sandy Wing and his family. They lived on Silica Street before moving up to Hall Street, just South of Trafalgar. Many of the older Nelson residents went to school with Donny Wing (avid soccer player) and their daughters, Elaine and (?). 

* Image of May 26, 1976 fireNelson Home Furnishing, 600 block Baker Street. Upper story gutted.

In 1976, Dec 1, "Johnstone block, Baker Street. Seven stores, including Mann’s Meat Market, Wing’s Grocery, and Dee’s Ladies Apparel destroyed, along with seven apartments. Suffered two previous fires: one in 1938 destroyed the top floor, another in 1949 destroyed seven businesses as well. Now the site of BCAA."

Wings Grocery resurfaced in the current location in late 1970 and was sold to Edmond and Dana Xie in 1989. And it's being operated within Nelson by the Tse/Xie family since then. 

There are still some missing pieces in the puzzle. If you have any information and/or pictures related to Wings Grocery and its predecessors, please contact us and help preserve this small piece of Nelson's history called Wings Grocery!

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