Teriyaki Basa Filet

No wonder Teriyaki sauce is one of the most popular recipes in the world! You would choose any kind of meat that best suits your taste buds and tolerance to add with teriyaki sauce. Today, I chose Basa filet because it tastes tender and juicy than chicken meat. This recipe is simple but is super flavorful!
teriyaki fish

let us start today's cooking journey!




2-3 Ibs Basa Filets, cut them into 2’’ cubs or wide slices 


Teriyaki Sauce:

2 Tbsp superior soy sauce

2 tbsp mushroom soy sauce

1 Tbsp winger

1 Tbsp cooking wine

1 Tbsp honey

Half of the rice bowl water  


Other ingredients:

Ground black pepper

4-5 ginger slices

2-3 garlic cloves, minced   


To serve:

Sesame seeds to garnish

Green onion chopped to garnish 




  1. Cut Basa Filet into 2'' wide slices, but I prefer cubs. Put the chopped Basa Filet into the big bowl.
  2. Basa Fillet cubs + 2-3 ginger slices + 1 Tbsp cooking wind+ 1 Tbsp superior soy sauce + ground black pepper, mix them and marinate 20 minutes before cooking.


 How to Make Easy Teriyaki Basa Filet: 

1. Combine sauce ingredients and stir evenly. Leave them for later use.



2. Heat the minced garlic in a pan with oil on high heat; add the marinated Basa Filet cubs and fry until the color changes. 


3. add the sauce we prepared before; cook for a few minutes on low heat until the juice turns to thick, then remove them in the plate.


4. Garnish sesame seeds and green onions for serve.


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