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Great selection and friendly service, went to buy a few items and prices were fair and they were quite knowledgeable.

Ross Neufeld

This place is hilariously odd. Lots of knickknacks - I bought one of those tilting birds that drink out of a cup continuously and it was the best money I ever spent (bonus points if anyone can tell me how the birds keep going).

You can get Chinese medicine patches for sore muscles there and they are miraculous - gold can with the number 701 on the front - you'll smell like a Chinese brothel while you're wearing the patch but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Great shop - couldn't picture Baker St. without it.

Chris Goggins

The little Chinese grocery store has everything a small family would need to make a good wholesome meal in a pinch. A lot of Chinese goods right from China.

Kaal Letawske

Great selection of Asian foods considering the small size of the shop. Sauces, teas, dishes, steamers, dim sum, bbq pork and duck and your regular selection of corner store groceries.

Wayne Lundeberg

This is a family run business and the owners, Joyce and Tony are such nice, friendly people! 😆

Conveniently located on Baker street in downtown Nelson, you will find not only the usual convenience store items here but many, many Asian grocery items too.

We don't live in Nelson anymore (and don't miss it, with Baker St. becoming an ever increasing haven for beggars and drug users).But we do fondly remember Joyce, Tony... and all of their family.

If you are visiting Nelson, stop in to cool off from the relentless summer heat, to escape the undesirable characters on Baker Street and to browse the wares offered there.

Geraldine H.

Excellent product and service!

Connie Lambrecht

This is my favorite grocery multicultural store I love the owners and the awesome selection of everything food drinks treats all household smokes nic nacs hello Kitty fuzzy hats magazines frozen ice cream pizza cereal wow 🐼 🐼 approved

Bunny Brooks
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