Our Origin Story

Wings Grocery has been operating in Nelson, BC since the 1984. Wow! Can you imagine? That's older than Starbucks (founded in 1985). For Nelson, it is a historical land mark; but for the people in the neighbourhood, it is their daily routine, their craving stop, their herbal pharamacy, and their window to Asian culture and cusine.

Wings Grocery was first established in 1984.


Edmond and Dana purchased and took over the store. Marking the beginning of the family business. 


By starting to bring in more products and continueouly improve the store, the store's business grew stedily and became a part of many people's daily routine. 


In 1996, Dana's brother Jamie and his family immigrated to Canada from China, and continue to operate the store within the family.


Started out with no English background, Jamie became a very popular figure in town with his up-beat personality.


For the next 15 years, Jamie brought in even more Asian product selections such as herbal medicines, dimsum, and beverages that's unheard of to locals. Since then, Wings Grocery became a signature Asian product store for the entire Kootaney region.

In 2011, Dana's brother Tony and his wife Joyce, decided to quit and sell everything in Vancouver, and moved to Nelson to take up the torch of Wings Grocery.


With continous effort to bring in more product variety and quality, plus great customer service, Wings Grocery continues to receive support from the people of Nelson. 


The Pandemic hit the world hard, but Wings Grocery strived to provide the same quality of products and opening hour for the people of Nelson.  


Finally, its time for Wings Grocery to hit the cyber world! With the new online store, Wings Grocery can now offers a LOT more product selections to not only Nelson, but the entire Canada!

Check out our online Novelty, online eGrocery, and Nelson local products.


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