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Discover the dream-come-true novelty dessert and fall in love with a new level of indulgence. Mochi Ice is a combination of tender rice flour wrapped with non-dairy frozen dessert made with REAL, FRESHLY SQUEEZED Coconut Milk. Our delicious and guilt free dessert contains load of benefit.

• Just like ice cream!
• Soft, tasty, Cool
• Made with Freshly Squeezed Coconut Milk, Dairy & Soy Free, Gluten-Free
• Vegan, Zero Transfat
• Individual Wrap for Convenience
• Wafer Cone Not Included
• Keep Frozen, Serve Frozen
• No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives
• Contain high MCFAs – the medium-chain fat acids which helps in the process of excess calories burning

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