Product Description:

CiCi phone card is a prepaid long-distance calling card from The Group of Goldline - Canada's leading prepaid long distance service provider, capturing majority of the calling card market with over one billion long distance minutes issued every month. Unlike most other prepaid calling cards, CiCi does not charge any additional fees to its customers. Posted minutes are the actual minutes received by the customer for any number of calls. Toll free access number could be used from anywhere in Canada without extra charge. The only extra charge is for use from pay phone. You may purchase CiCi online directly on this site, Ontario Phone Cards and wide network of more than 100,000 retail locations across Canada.


Calling Instruction:

  • Once you complete your online credit card payment, you will receive an email containing your calling card PIN, list of access numbers and instructions. To use your card:
  • 1.
    Dial local or toll free access number from the list supplied with your card (please note, calling cards sold in stores may have different list of access numbers).
  • 2.
    Select your language:
    1: English. 2: French. 3: Spanish.
    4: Cantonese. 5: Mandarin.
    6: Russian. 7: Italian.
  • 3.
    Enter your PIN number at the prompt (supplied with your card or sent by email).
  • 4.
    Dial your destination number
    for Canada, United States and Caribbean dial: 1+...,
    for International access dial 011+(country code)+.).

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