Halloween decoration wall stickers

Halloween decoration wall stickers

Halloween decoration wall stickers

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Product material: PVC

Product Features:
◆PVC semi-transparent material, can be pasted on the smooth surface of walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc. with any background color

◆The primer is removable and can be repeatedly pasted (the wall primer is not done well, unable to grasp the surface paint, inferior paint, except for peeling walls, and the adhesive bond between the primer and the wall will become stronger. Over time, its reusability will decrease)

◆No need to transfer film, just paste directly

Use reference:
⑴. Make sure that the surface to be pasted is a smooth surface, and do not paste on areas with bumps and wrinkles.
⑵. Select the paste location, clean up the floating dust and oil stains on the veneer, and ensure the surface is dry and tidy.
⑶. Make simple planning according to the pasting order, of course, you can also DIY according to your own creativity.
⑷. Gently peel the sticker from the bottom paper and paste it directly without transferring the film. When pasting, first paste it in the middle and then spread it to the left and right.

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