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This springy noodle is perfect for a variety of cold and hot noodle dishes.


  1. 1Buckwheat noodles, soba are rough, thick noodles brownish-grey in color. They are made of wheat and buckwheat flour.
  2. 2Sempio buckwheat noodles are made with vacuum aged dough which gives them a chewy and pleasing texture. The noodles were dried via the hot air convection drying method, very similar to a natural drying environment. This allows the buckwheat noodles to dry evenly which prevents them from getting mushy and soggy and brings out the genuine flavor and aroma of buckwheat.
  3. 3Our buckwheat noodles have a great texture that goes well with a variety of noodle dishes both hot and chilled and are great served with dipping sauce.
  4. 4Easy to measure: Portioned in band-tied bundles.


wheat flour, tapioca starch, buckwheat, salt, water.

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