7 Must-have Equipment for Cycling, Are You Ready?

There is no denying that owning a full set of cycling equipment will attract much "Wow! ". While some might feel that well-equipped cyclists are cocky, cycling equipment is for the riders’ safety and enjoyment instead of impressing bystanders.

  1. Bike Helmet

It is the big mushroom that is on your head, and it is a must-have for cyclists because it protects the fragile head. Helmets serve many purposes: anti-collision, protection from branches, leaves, and flying rock; it also diverts rain and reduces wind resistance. Helmets with shade protect against sunlight and wearing reflective signs on helmets prevents accidental collisions during night riding.

  1. Storage

A long-distance cycling must-have. Short-distance riding might not need it as much, but it will make your ride much more enjoyable. You can use it to store your keys or phones or other essential items, without having to wear a backpack, which is extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient for long-distance bike rides.


  1. Sports Bottle and Bottle Rack

The bicycle bottle is characterized by the ability to open it with one hand (the bottle for hiking and climbing requires both hands), which is useful for riders who like to drink while riding. But remember to slow down and pay attention to the road. The bottle rack is a must-have, super convenient, does not occupy the place, you can install one or more according to your personal needs. The bottle holder is usually mounted on the frame.

  1. Bike Toolkit

Generally, for one day and more than a day of cycling riders are recommended to carry tools, in case of break down. The most common tools are hex wrench, bike tire crowbar, glue, tire patch, spare inner tube, chain, tire pump. The longer the number of days, the more tools you'll need to prepare.


  1. Cycling glasses/sunglasses

Many riders do not like to wear sunglasses and do not think it's necessary. But exposing your eyes to light and headwind can cause discomfort, also risking foreign objects blown into your eyes. In addition, due to long rides, the body sweats a lot, and the cycling gloves may have been soaked with sweat. When the inevitable eye itch happens, you will want to rub your eyes, which can affect your cycling enjoyment, or worse, eye infection.

  1. Cycling uniforms

For many cycling enthusiasts, cycling uniforms are a must-have. Cycling clothes can help riders reduce wind resistance during cycling, but the main function of these tights is to bind muscles and help sweat. The fabric of the riding suit is designed so that the sweat can be absorbed to the surface of the clothing through the fiber for rapid evaporation, keep you dry and your ride enjoyable.  

  1. Cyclist Set

These are the honorable mentions that can be easily neglected, but these items make a good bike trip a Great one. In high-speed motion, the rider's handling of the bike depends largely on the effort at hand. The well-crafted riding gloves with anti-slip effects enhance the safety of your ride. While the cycling shoes keep your feet dry in a condition, cycling underwear ensures maximum comfort during long rides.


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