eGrocery, A Warehouse Direct Shopping Experience

The e-grocery section of our website offers a wide range of grocery products that can be delivered to your doorstep with 100% satisfaction.

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E-Grocery, A More Convenient Way To Shop Groceries

Shopping for groceries online is a growing trend in the world. It's convenient and time-saving compare to the hustle of carrying products in the physical cart and waiting for your turn in long queues, just to pay!  Through online shopping, you can easily compare products and pricing to find the best deal.

Customers can order groceries whenever they want, whether it's 4 am or 2 pm. Customers can go through the isles of products with simply a touch of their finger while sitting comfortably on their couch.  

The only cost of shopping for groceries online is to pay the shipping or the delivery charges. But these charges are still less than money spent on parking and fuel, and also saves you from other secondary charges while you are driving to shop for groceries from the store. Moreover, you can save yourself a lot of time for other priorities in life, because after all, time is money. 



1. Products Shipment From Supplier’s Warehouse To You

When you order any of the grocery products, they are picked from the supplier's warehouse and are directly delivered to you. This saves us, and you from the costs of storing grocery products at our warehouses and also reduce the shipment charges. 

2. Discounts And Coupons

Our e-grocery store offers numerous discount vouchers for our customers. While you enjoy the similar on-store prices of the products on our online store, we still give you discounts to help save your money on groceries. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on daily deals and promotions. 

3. Rapid Delivery

All the groceries products are delivered rapidly to your doorstep since they are shipped directly from the supplier’s warehouse. The estimated delivery time is 2-5 business days for all eGrocery products. 

4. Expiry Of The Products

The expiry on all the groceries products is checked before delivery. The products which are nearing their expiry are removed while preparing the cart for our customers.


5. Shipping In Three Provinces Of Canada

We offer our grocery delivery services in three provinces of Canada: British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. Since we deliver products directly from the supplier's warehouse to your doorstep, we can manage delivery on time. Our website serves as a portal between you and the supplier. Product availability subject to your location and warehouse inventory.

6. The Minimum Limit To Shop

Every store has some minimum to shop, but to your surprise, the minimum limit to shop at our e-grocery store is 1$! Yes, you can shop for a dollar and have your chosen products delivered to you. Shipping charges may apply based on your location.

7. We Do Have A Return On Grocery Products!

To satisfy our customers fully we leave no stones unturned. Our return policy makes online shopping more secure for our customers. Any of the products purchased can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Return shipping costs may apply depending on your location. 

8. Customers Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and for that, we have taken every step to satisfy our customers. Our website's easy interface allows customers to search easily for products, our various policies make customers safe while shopping and our efficient delivery system ensure that our customers receive their desired grocery products on time, and undamaged.


Check it out at eGrocery - BCON, or QC


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